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We all know that web browser Maintenance (IEM) has-been taken off IE10.

Customer machine with IE10+ set up are not able to obtain the content configured in IEM from DC GPO.

Here's formal guide:

Target & Suggestions

Client used to apply “Favorites and hyperlinks” via GPO by IE repair. Now issue is: tips apply “Favorites and Links” for IE10/IE11 customers from Microsoft windows 2008 R2 DC since IEM no longer working in IE10/IE11?

clip_image004Detail By Detail Methods:

Procedures for incorporate Favorites from “Preferences -> Windows Settings -> Shortcuts”:

1. Open Group plan Management by “gpmc” demand on DC and get into Editor for Domain plan that you would like to edit.

2. Choose path from “User Configuration-> Preferences -> Windows Settings -> Shortcuts”, and produce a new shortcut:

clip_image0063. Kindly input title in “Name”, choose “URL” in ”Target type:”, choose “Explorer Favorites” in “Location”, input url you anticipate in “Target URL”, such as for instance

4. Below photo shows the end result after completing setup:

5. Operate “gpupdate /force” on client device, IE could possibly get Favorites establishing needlessly to say.

Note: The method above which set Favorites can be used for IE6 to IE11 on Microsoft windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1. Therefore we suggest client the removal of IE upkeep if utilizing this “GPP->Shortcuts” strategy in case they usually have any disputes.

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