Exporting and importing

Exporting and Importing

Proper whom works together with MySQL, phpMyAdmin is a must-have device. phpMyAdmin helps make the task of managing your MySQL databases easier plus efficient, and it also allows you to handle those available databases from everywhere. With phpMyAdmin, you can easily produce, edit, back-up, import, export, and delete databases, in addition to control database tables.

phpMyAdmin's capacity to import and export databases makes it a lot easier to recover from catastrophe as well as migrate a database from a single server to another. Because the process is completed through a web-based interface, it's not necessary to sit in front of this server to recover your database.

The phpMyAdmin export process lets you export into these formats:

  • SQL
  • CVS
  • CodeGen
  • CVS for Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Keyword 2000
  • JSON
  • LaTeX
  • MediaWiki dining table
  • OpenDocument Spreadsheet
  • OpenDocument Text
  • PDF
  • PHP Variety
  • Texy! Text
  • YAML

Our example because of this guide

Let's imagine you have a web-based tool particularly WordPress, and you like to export the database to help you move the install to a different server. You've currently relocated across essential motif files and such, and all sorts of you want now could be the database. The next step is to export the database from 1 server, after which on the new host, import that database towards newly set up WordPress example. (i will be if you have phpMyAdmin put in on source and target hosts.)

Warning: it certainly is far better operate this technique on a test environment before going live. You will never know when anything could go laterally, and then you could end up with a dead web site.

Exporting databases

The initial step inside process is always to export the doing work database from source server.

  1. Get on the phpMyAdmin instance on origin server.
  2. Click the Export tab (Figure A).
  3. From the database drop-down (left navigation), choose the wordpress database.
  4. Choose between a fast or a Customized export. The fast method should work more often than not, though if you wish to have more granular together with your export options, click Personalized (Figure B). In the event that you choose Custom, you are able to configure the following:
    • Tables: Select which tables to export.
    • Output: select template, personality ready, and compression the export.
    • Format: elect to show comments, enclose the export in a deal, disable foreign key checks, dump table (construction, data, or both).
    • Object creation choices: include statements.
    • Data dump choices: utilize INSERT DELAYED or INSERT DISREGARD statements, choose the function to utilize when dumping information, find the syntax to make use of whenever inserting data, maximum period of provided question.
  5. Choose the structure through the Format drop-down (for a wordpress to wordpress export/import, choose SQL).
  6. Click on the Go button.
  7. Save the file (which, automatically, should always be named wordpress.sql).

You need to have a file on your regional disk labeled as wordpress.sql.

Figure A

Despite having the fast option, it is possible to select your database's output structure. (click on the image to enlarge it.)

Figure B

Importing databases

The import process is equally as simple. These actions may be used for either a database exported from phpMyAdmin or a database dumped utilizing another tool (like the mysqldump command).

You'll want to be sure there isn't currently a database on the target server with the exact same name. With your database in your neighborhood drive, here you will find the actions you should follow to import that file with phpMyAdmin.

  1. Log in to phpMyAdmin.
  2. Create an empty database through the Databases loss (Figure C).
  3. Click the Import loss.
  4. Click on the Browse switch.
  5. Choose the file become imported.
  6. Simply click Open or okay, dependent on your web browser.
  7. Find the proper collation from drop-down.
  8. Find the format of this import file.
  9. Click Get.

Following the import procedure is total, look at the web site to be sure all things are great.

Figure C


If you're wanting one of the easiest types of importing and exporting databases on a MySQL environment, you can not get wrong with phpMyAdmin. Not just does phpMyAdmin offer a remarkably simple to use screen, it also allows you to migrate databases from resource to a target rapidly in accordance with hardly any hassle.

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