Sync for Android

Whenever auto-sync is on, your Google applications instantly refresh data, plus product instantly gets notifications about changes.

Which apps sync

Automagically, your yahoo apps automatically sync with your Bing Account. You'll choose to switch automatic sync on or off for specific Google apps. Various other applications may or might not sync.

See your Bing applications that will auto-sync

  1. Open your device’s Settings app .
  2. Under "private, " touch Accounts Google. For those who have multiple reports in your device, in addition tap the account you need.
  3. See a listing of your Google apps as soon as they last synced.

Look at your various other applications that will maybe not sync

If an app doesn’t show inside device’s Settings app under Accounts Bing, itsn’t a Bing application and can’t auto-sync with your Bing Account.

For any other applications, try looking in each app’s settings menu for an option to sign in or sync.

Turn off auto-sync

You can easily turn fully off auto-sync just for specific Google applications, or for your entire Google Account.

Switching down auto-sync enables save your self battery pack life. To resume automatic syncing after your battery pack recharges, change auto-sync right back on.

Switch off auto-sync for several Google applications

  1. Turn fully off apps you don’t like to auto-sync.

Note: switching down auto-sync for a software does not remove the app. It only prevents the application from immediately refreshing your data.

By hand sync your bank account

Manual sync refreshes your bank account information for all you Google apps, including any applications with auto-sync turned off.

  1. Touch Much More Sync today.

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