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Use HTML to include bookmarks to your website pages.Use HTML to add bookmarks to your webpages.

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Bookmarks in HTML, also referred to as called anchors, will help you direct people to particular components of your on line web page. HTML bookmarks are practical in the event your company website features lengthy pages. For example, you could produce bookmark links toward center, end or top of an extended website so users can view the page rapidly or leap to essential areas. To make an HTML bookmark, you have to first create the bookmark then add a web link to it. The bookmarks are not noticeable on the internet web page.

Open your on line page in a text editor such as for example Notepad or a WYSIWYG editor including Dreamweaver.

Simply click in the HTML at the spot for which you wish the bookmark.

Insert into the rule to create the bookmark. You are able to rename the bookmark by modifying title feature.

Click the invest the HTML for which you wish to spot a link to your bookmark. Including, if your bookmark is at the top your page, you can add a web link towards the bottom associated with the web page to return into top.

Enter to create a text url to the bookmark. Verify the specific bookmark name uses the “#” indication. Use any text for the website link; simply insert it within the “a href” label.

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