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imageHi every person!

It must be “Favorites week” because I’ve got yet another behavior that i must make everyone aware of when trying to import Favorites through the IE repair Policy option, “Favorites and Links”. This issue can include data reduction so it’s an essential topic to provide toward neighborhood.

In the IEM policy, “Favorites and Links”, the administrator gets the option of including a custom range of Favorites to a user’s Favorites record. A behavior recently brought to our attention by a couple of valued consumers involves the importing of certain URLs that contain a “percent” within the URL string, including:

Note: It is not a legitimate internet site, only an example

imageNotice the “%” figures within the Address string. Today let’s add it to your IEM policy and try to import it as a popular into the user’s preferences number:

Once the policy is run, we could after that load IE and look to determine what links were included:

So when the “%” values are eliminated:

Therefore we can easily see that when the “per cent” figures have been taken from the the string, the Favorite will be imported properly.

Today, I will add a preferred, using two “per cent” figures as opposed to one:

Notice the way the “Test Import URL 2” preferred happens to be put into the user’s preferences record:

With this we are able to plainly figure out a parsing error when attempting to import favorites from inside the policy, causing data reduction.

this is certainly a not as much as ideal way of solving the matter, although only mitigation we now have available today. This behavior effects Internet Explorer 6.0 and later.

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