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Mozilla Firefox Favorites

Add regularly checked out internet sites into the Windows begin selection.Add usually seen websites on Microsoft windows Start menu.

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The Mozilla Firefox internet browser includes a Bookmarks toolbar, also referred to as a preferred toolbar. You are able to place your preferred websites or web sites you go to often with this Favorites toolbar. When you wish to get into these sites, what you need to do is click their title regarding the toolbar. If you don't make use of the preferences toolbar or briefly desire even more space when you look at the internet browser window, you'll disable the Mozilla Firefox Favorites toolbar with the View menu.

Introduction Mozilla Firefox. The Web internet browser begins utilizing the Favorites toolbar allowed and displayed nearby the the top of screen.

Click on the orange "Firefox" menu inside top left corner of this Firefox screen.

Hover your cursor over "choices" to show a sub-menu.

Simply click "Bookmarks Toolbar" to get rid of the check level. This disables the toolbar straight away.

Perform the procedure should you want to allow the toolbar later.


  • Alternatively, you can right-click in a clear area near the top of the web browser window and choose "Bookmarks Toolbar" to eliminate the check mark and disable the toolbar.
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