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Import Chrome bookmarks to Safari

If you bring your Safari bookmarks in to the various other browsers you utilize, you can have your entire saved internet sites readily available no matter where you may be. Both Firefox and Google’s Chrome web browser also supply automated approaches to import your bookmarks, so that it’s super-duper simple. In Firefox, just what you’ll do is first go through the “Bookmarks” selection and select “Show All Bookmarks.” Near the the surface of the screen that’ll appear, you’ll see a star-shaped symbol; mouse click that and choose “Import Data from Another Browser.”

Firefox will wish to know which browser you want information from and just what material you’d love to bring over.


Importing bookmarks into Chrome is also much easier. Simply click regarding Chrome selection icon from the toolbar (it looks like three stacked outlines) and choose Bookmarks> Import Bookmarks and configurations.

As with Firefox, Chrome will likely then ask you to answer things to import and from where.

And after you answer its concerns, you’re done! Whew.

Sadly, in the event that you’ve gotta go another method (from Firefox or Chrome to Safari), it is just an impression harder. Before doing the import, you’ll have to export your bookmarks from your own chosen browser to an HTML file, as Safari doesn’t have an integral solution to automate the procedure. In Firefox, you’ll do this by going back to that “star” selection We mentioned previously, which will be under Bookmarks> Show All Bookmarks, and then you’ll choose “Export Bookmarks to HTML” and save yourself the ensuing file someplace.

In Chrome, visit Bookmarks> Bookmark management, click on “Organize, ” and select “Export Bookmarks to HTML File.”

Then save your information someplace convenient.

Once you’ve saved on your file from whichever program you’re using, check-out Safari and choose File> Import Bookmarks.

Later, you'll pick the location for which you stored one other browser’s bookmarks in the last action, and Safari’ll bring ’em on in.

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