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We’re happy to introduce a fresh feature which allows that keep track of your favorite images and records.

We noticed that lots of users have been managing the “liked pictures” area of their gallery pages as a favorites record, which means they were reserving their upvotes for only the most effective photos they wished to track. Or, if the image wasn’t into the gallery, individuals would usually re-upload it in their own account. It was an undesirable user experience. We would like one to have the ability to feel you'll easily provide an upvote to any image you would imagine needs more interest, so we definitely don’t want you to clutter up your personal account images with photos needed to publish once more.

Maintaining these problems in your mind, we’re eventually prepared launch the favorites function. You can fav any picture or album on the webpage (the hotkey is ‘0’), and you may also fav pictures which can be right linked (in which the Address is much like Just add /fav towards the end of this url (like this:

Your favorite images tend to be kept in a different portion of your account, which you can access from your account selection. This section is completely exclusive. The favorited pictures here will appear inside their quick forms without any gallery comments whenever you browse all of them. The pictures you’ve added to your preferences through the Imgur Gallery can also be shown in the “Gallery favorites” portion of your gallery profile and may be browsed by various other users like the old “Liked images” area.

We’ve also made a decision to eradicate the “Liked photos” part in gallery profiles. To work on this, we’ve moved all of your liked pictures to your preferences as a default. If you learn that your preferences area is perhaps all cluttered up with images that you’ve liked in the past, you can easily made a decision to clear out your favorites and start from scrape.

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