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Bookmark imageSecrets. Most of us have them. Plus e commerce it's no exception. We’ve all learned about the growth of programmatic and e-mail re-engagement, the burgeoning industries of mobile and huge data – but maybe you have heard of basket bookmarking?

No I have not, what is it?

You’d be forgiven for not getting the memo with this one because it’s a term that’s maybe not widely used or known. However it does exactly what it states from the tin:

Container bookmarking is an application that gives to send the customer’s container straight to their inbox for later on consideration, just like a bookmark

What does this mean?

  1. An individual searching your site who may have things inside their container techniques to leave the web page.
  1. Now of deviation, an overlay is fired asking them to enter their email in order to come back to their particular container at a later date.
  1. After entering their email address, these are typically then sent a contact containing a helpful website link right back for their container, encouraging them to re-engage with all the abandoned item/s.

exemplory case of a proactive overlayHere’s a good example of what yours could seem like:

Why should I utilize container bookmarking?

It’s great customer service, it is proactive, there aren't any dilemmas around data defense plus it allows the user to re-engage quickly along with your providing at a time that is convenient for all of them. And these basically a handful of the advantages, we’ve gone into more detail right here.

But these days I would like to draw attention to one advantage particularly:

Your competitors aren’t utilizing basket bookmarking, so it is going to make you stand out from crowd

Basket bookmarking is the better kept secret when you look at the e-commerce globe that businesses just aren’t taking advantage of. The present day, tech-savvy user is used to good customer support and run-of-the-mill re-engagement resources as standard.

Therefore using a proactive and effective method of re-engagement with a strategy like basket bookmarking is ways to be refreshingly various, along with effective. You may get the ‘one-up’ because had been, on rivals who aren’t as onto it while.

It dovetails completely along with your existing email re-engagement strategy, heightening its value and ROI. E-mail re-engagement is focused on taking advantage of the e-mail addresses at your disposal, and basket bookmarking signifies an approach to broaden the abilities of the e-mail re-engagement campaigns.

And when you’re likely to utilize container bookmarking, you'll want to utilize a frontrunners inside CRO method, Ve Interactive. Our application, VeContact Proactive, is the ultimate basket bookmarking tool and will assist you to drive much more sales, get a good ROI and pleasure clients.

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