When adding bookmarks and

Import JSON bookmarks to Firefox

I wish to change from Firefox to Chromium (it appears is quicker for my system) and I also have many bookmarks I would like to transfer into Chromium. We looked over this question: could i sync bookmarks between Firefox and Chromium? but that was specific to Firefox Sync, that we do not have. I recently want to transfer my bookmarks from Firefox into Chromium.

But once I go directly to the Customize and Control key then select the alternative Import Bookmarks and options beneath the Bookmarks selection product, it offers me personally this:

No supported browser discovered

I have Firefox and Chromium as up-to-date while the authoritative repositories (I think), and so I really have no clue what is going on.

We have attemptedto import straight from HTML, but it only imports initial group of bookmarks, nothing beyond that (in which all of the bookmarks We really desire are.)

Could I transfer the JSON Firefox back-up file into Chromium, or have always been we stuck by hand entering each one of these bookmarks into Chromium?

Thanks A Lot!

I'm going to try sudo apt-get improvement to see if this does such a thing.

Here packages are enhanced:
lightdm 2 upgraded, 0 recently put in, 0 to remove and 0 maybe not enhanced

Works out I mis-read the Ubuntu PPA. 13.04, Raring Ringtail, has only 28.0. Obviously I am to be obligated to upgrade basically wish computer software upgrades. Botheration.

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