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BookmarkingIf you will find a folder produced by another Quizlet individual that you'd always conserve and study later on, simply bookmark it. It is truth be told there for you personally next time you log into your account and you will see any brand-new sets that are added.

Bookmarking another user's folder

You'll see the files that other Quizlet people have produced on the profile pages. Just click regarding the "Folders" tab.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 12.45.48 PM.pngClick regarding the subject of the folder then select "Bookmark this folder."

Now the folder will be on the side club, underneath the proceeding "Bookmarked Folders, " and will also be waiting there next time you log in.

To eliminate a bookmarked folder, click on the folder name from your side bar and then "eliminate this bookmark."

You are able to study or share your bookmarked folders however you cannot modify the units inside them.

Other people bookmarking my folders

Any folder on Quizlet can be bookmarked, but any personal units you add in them will not be visible to any Quizlet individual. In the event that you develop a folder with completely personal units, various other users might find a clear folder with no sets.

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