How To: Bookmark a Webpage!!

How to bookmark a site?

Both web browser and Firefox supply a way to produce a listing of your favorite sites as you are able to access these with a click regarding the mouse. In IE, these listings are called preferences, while in Firefox they've been called bookmarks.

To produce a fresh bookmark in web browser, choose preferences, Add to preferences (or make use of the keyboard shortcut Control + D) while you are on the website you intend to save as a bookmark.

You can pick Favorites, Organize Favorites to control your bookmarks by generating files to arrange your bookmarks into groups.

In Firefox, you can add a bookmark by picking Bookmarks, Bookmark This Page (or utilising the shortcut Control + D). As with IE, you can handle your bookmarks by choosing Bookmarks, Manage Bookmarks.

Whenever you want to see cyberspace web page you have saved as a bookmark, choose either preferences or Bookmarks from selection club at the top of the browser screen and select the bookmark you intend to open.

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