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How to bookmarks on Chrome?

Just like the reason why we don't add options for other things. It increases UI and rule complexity, testing load, and basic maintenance prices. In the case of the omnibox the entire system is designed around inline autocompletion and would need a critical rework to support an off-by-default choice.

Comment 1 appears. We want to fix problems on a case-by-case basis. We do not want to previously supply a choice to disable autocompletion.

Chrome's Omnibar features an heuristic algorithm that learns from your own activities, if you continuously type "h" and select the next recommendation from browser history, it'll boost its position. Bookmarks are meant to end up being the best pages from your browser history, so it is apparent that you'll locate them in listing of suggestions. For now, there's no choice to disable the suggestions through the internet browser history plus bookmarks.


You can try changing Chrome's Omnibar with Fauxbar. Fauxbar seems to have much better control over search recommendations on top of other things.

Is Fauxbar for me personally?

  • When making use of Chrome's Omnibox, maybe you have typed in part of a web page name or target you realize you have been to, yet no relevant outcomes look?
  • Can you discover Omnibox's mixture of search suggestions, website recommendations, bookmarks and history products (or shortage thereof) perplexing?
  • Do you really like getting the substitute for click to make use of the search engines, in the place of typing its title to make use of it?
  • Have you been not using Chrome since you can't stand its Omnibox?

In the event that you answered yes, after that Fauxbar is actually for you.

Listed here is a glance at Fauxbar's advice configurations:

Fauxbar Settings

An email: Fauxbar doesn't actually replace Omnibar. It replaces the latest loss web page in Chrome and grabs the main focus from the Omnibar upon starting a loss.

Disclaimer: i am certainly not connected to Fauxbar. It is simply a suggestion i have found on several internet sites that could work.

Because it appears, I'm surprised you can findn't more Omnibar replacements out there. We imagine it could be difficult to really replace the Omnibar literally, but choices such as for instance Fauxbar do appear to be good option. I would like to determine if you will find any further possibilities.

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