How to Show/Hide Bookmarks Bar

Show bookmarks on Chrome

FavoriteIf you utilize the bookmarks bar on Bing Chrome or Firefox, occasionally space reaches the very least. Once you bookmark a website, it provides the site’s symbol plus the text information concerning the site. That's shortened whenever icon is added to the bookmarks club, but not entirely.

Leading you to definitely having to click the arrow symbol regarding suitable for a dropdown of this sleep of those. It is possible to edit the written text when it comes to bookmark to anything shorter, or simply only make it display the symbol just.

Edit Icons on Chrome Bookmarks Bar

If you utilize bookmarks in Chrome, you have a lot of them conserved currently. To edit them or just display the website symbol, right-click it then select Edit.

Edit Bookmarks

Then, you can easily type in what you may desire when you look at the Name area. Altering it to anything reduced versus whole title and definition of the site enables even more room on the club. Or, if you just want the icon, delete the field totally.

Should you want to ensure that the bookmark is edited or just the icon from beginning, click the bookmark this page (celebrity icon) inside address area and present it whatever name you desire or, erase the industry entirely.

Bookmarks for Firefox

Can be done a similar thing with Firefox also. Simply right-click the bookmark symbol and select Properties. After that beneath the Name industry, clean out title industry and then click Save.

Here’s an example of several bookmarks being only displaying your website icons. Others thing i love to do with Firefox is stick separators between each one.

Displaying only the icon works well with popular sites like YouTube, Google, and Twitter, however sties you’ll desire about some initials or a brief description in order to tell them apart.

edit bookmark edit Name firefox firefox icons just

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