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If you haven’t logged into readinglists@Leicester you will end up encouraged to join once you begin creating a bookmark.
Whenever you bookmark sources, you have two options. You can often produce or Create and Add to record. Clicking on the Create key saves your bookmark and goes back to the initial page you were viewing. Simply clicking the Create and increase List button allows you to save your bookmark and also include it into the list as well.

If you click Create and Add to List you will end up asked to fill out the data below

  • Select the record that you want to include the resource to.
  • Find the part if you like the resource to arise in a specific section.
  • You can easily find the importance for the pupils; this will in addition affect how many copies and structure bought by the Library.enhance readinglists@Leicester In the event that significance industry just isn't selected the Library will assume the item is background reading.
  • You have the substitute for include a note to your students and/or into the Library. Library records and significance configurations is going to be seen by the Library as soon as your number is posted.
  • Select OK after which continue looking.

If you select Create, you can add the bookmark towards list by going into the edit view of your record. You'll set the significance, add records for pupils and notes the collection as soon as you’ve added the bookmark by clicking on Edit notes and significance inside edit view.

Bookmarking from catalogue Has component (section, article, etc) Add chapter info Journal view for Add to bookmarks

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