Open KMZ formatted snowmobile

Open KMZ

imageWhen You Yourself Have some data in table format with IDs for industries or point places in the map and Google Earth KML file with those industries having exact same IDs, it is generally speaking possible to bring spatial information to Excel and merge those data resources together to use in additional spatial analysis various other GIS software plus in recently released COMPLIMENTARY ESRI Maps for MS Office Beta 2. There are a few little tips to it, though…

Google Earth KML files are really XML data with geographic information, but succeed won't start all of them straight.

If you click Yes, Excel will recognize the file as XML, but will neglect to transfer it nonetheless.

So, you will need to re-name the KML file so it has actually XML extension. Right click on the KML file and choose “Open with” Notepad:

It will show XML formatted text in Notepad.

imageGo to File/Save As and select “all files” alternative.

after that kind NEWFILENAME.xml along with expansion

Open a new MS Excel file (or the file together with your tabulated data information you intend to deliver KML place data in). In File tab, struck Open and start the NEWFILENAME.xml file. It's going to recognize it as XML dining table and recommend schema. Agree to everything! If all goes well you should look at dining table with your computer data just like

Should your data had polygons, each industry could have two outlines, kind by coordinates line and erase empty outlines. You'll be with a table similar to this:

Notice, that both Latitude and Longitude in in identical column, separated by comma. In succeed 2010 you can easily split up those rather easily. Insert bare column to the right of the merged coordinates line. Highlight the coordinates column, check-out Data tab and click Text To Columns, choose Delimited, and Separated by Comma.


Now you have it – two split articles with exact geographic coordinates in Decimal Degrees, to merge with your various other information in succeed. Name all of them X-Longitude and Y-Latitude (recall, in western hemisphere, Longitude is bad!)

Changing KMZ file to KML

The procedure explained above will not work with KMZ files straight. When you open KMZ (zipped KML file) in Notepad, you will not see XML formatted text such as example above, however gabled signal like:

To convert KMZ to KML you will require Google Earth installed. Bring KMZ towards the chart, right click the layer you want to transform and select “Save Put As”

and “Save as KML” from drop straight down list. This may usually blow up the quality about 3 times. To carry those Coordinates to Excel, stick to the guidelines above for KML file.


If import fails browse the Log resources, for me it offers taken place whenever industry brands had areas, like "11Z365 D"… because of visitors of this web log (Michael Bruening) there is certainly an answer getting gone areas in succeed: you might constantly find the column/row within the excel spreadsheet and do a “Find and substitute” of a [space] with an [underscore].

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