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  1. Get a hold of favourites. To locate this you will need to look simply above in which any available tabs are. There should be a section in which it claims favourites. Back at my computer system it is regarding left-hand side but on yours it may possibly be on the other hand.
  2. Click it. It will probably come up with a list of things.Image titled erase anything from the background portion of Favourites action 2 After that along the top from it you should see three terms, favourites, feeds and history. You need to click on history and it will produce a summary of things, three weeks hence, last week and today.
  3. If you want to erase something that has been on final three weeks, then click the three months package. If you want to erase anything you've been on within the last few days perform some same but click the the other day box rather than the three weeks hence package.Image titled Delete Something from the History Section of Favourites Step 3 If you want to delete something you have been today then do the same but click on the today box.
  4. It should come up with a summary of web pages you've been on these days. Select thing you need to erase and right-click upon it. It will arise a listing of action you can take to it. One of those should state 'delete'. Click on it and a box will come upon the computer display saying 'are you sure you need to delete this item. In the event that you click yes then it is deleted. If you click no then it will continue to be in the history loss.

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