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Delete Multiple bookmarks

Create a backup of the conserved bookmarks using Firefox resources.Create a backup of one's saved bookmarks using Firefox tools.


Mozilla Firefox enables you to keep website pages you go to usually as bookmarks. Some bookmarks may be placed in the Bookmarks toolbar near the top of the Firefox screen although some is put inside folders in Bookmarks library. You can easily right-click single bookmarks and select to eliminate all of them, but to erase multiple bookmarks from the Bookmarks menu at a time you need to select them from the Bookmarks collection after which erase them.

Launch Mozilla Firefox on your pc.

Click the "Firefox" selection towards the top of the window.

Hover over "Bookmarks" and click "Show All Bookmarks" from drop-down menu to start the Library screen.

Simply click "All Bookmarks" into the left navigation selection pane to see all bookmarks.

Double-click the files within the right pane to see their bookmarks. Including, double-click "Unsorted Bookmarks" to view all unsorted bookmarks.

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