Import KMZ

Import_KML.jpgUsing Plex.Earth 3 you'll import any KLM file into your AutoCAD design, or export your entire project (or any part of it) to Bing Earth, as either a KML, or in the extremely squeezed KMZ structure.

Import KML

The process to bring KML data into your drawing is straightforward:

Publish to Bing Earth (KML or KMZ)

Use this function to create your AutoCAD task into Bing Earth for presentation purposes, or even to share with partners and customers.

Step 1: Select the "Publish to Bing world" command.

Publish_to_Google_Earth_1.jpgNote: when you have currently chosen the items you wish to export if your wanting to utilize this demand, you'll be taken fully to step 4. This serves to speed up the process once you have understand the varous choices. You can access the previous measures by clicking on "Back".

2: select the appropriate coordinate trasformation strategy

Right here, you have got two choices:

Publish_to_Google_Earth_2.jpg(1) If you have already specified the coordinate system utilized in your project, it will appear here, and you will change it out if you prefer.

(2) in case the project just isn't centered on a specific systems you can decide to apply a User-defined change. After that you can choose a place inside drawing, and its particular positioning if required (by pressing regarding the "+" buttons), and associate with with any position in Google Earth (whenever you hit on "select from Bing world" a crosshair will appear in the Google Earth window, that you uses to determine the exact place.

Step 3: find the items you wish to export

Publish_Wizard_3.jpgYou can either utilize all of the elements within drawing, or make a custom selection, by clicking on "+" button. The options to create Text and Points (both will likely to be transformed into placemarks) plus the accuracy of Circle and Splines approximations can also be defined here.

Note: be mindful when selecting the "hold line width option", because can result in progressively blurred representations of one's task, once the attention altitude of Bing world increases.

Step four: Choose File title, Elevation mode and Placemark design

When defining the name regarding the shipped file, you'll see whether you want to develop an easy KML, and/or very squeezed KMZ structure. In this last action you'll be able to choose a mode for the placemarks which will be produced.

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