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After the Jonathan Lucroy offer involving the Milwaukee Brewers and Cleveland Indians fell aside, the Brewers must find a team that which wasn't on Lucroy's no-trade record. Thank goodness, the Texas Rangers needed a catching upgrade while they've needed to piece the position along with Robinson Chirinos lacking lots of time with accidents. Lucroy and power-armed reliever Jeremy Jeffress head to the Rangers for outfielder Lewis Brinson and pitcher Luis Ortiz.

How can you similar to this lineup?

DH Carlos Beltran

C Jonathan Lucroy

The Rangers didn't have the beginning pitcher they required, but that lineup goes nine deep and gives Jeff Banister the flexibleness to-do lots of blending and matching when Choo comes back from the disabled list. Profar can move all over the diamond, Beltran can play the outfield, Delino DeShields can be acquired as a speed man from the workbench, and GM Jon Daniels been able to keep Joey Gallo.

If the Rangers retain win the AL western, they will try to replicate the Royals' method into the postseason: Trust your bullpen. The major difference, but is the Rangers have actually two top-of-the-rotation beginners in Cole Hamels and Yu Darvish to aid relieve the duty regarding relievers.

Jonathan Lucroy is striking .300 along with his bat should convert well toward hitting environment in Texas. Tom Lynn/Getty Images

Lucroy must have no trouble adjusting to a different staff. He's referred to as an intelligent man and hard employee, one of many much better pitch-framers within the game. He is striking .300 along with his bat should convert well to your hitting environment in Tx. Lucroy don't get anything, but he played his hand and maybe he figured he would instead get the Rangers than the Indians. Tx is a lot more prone to signal him to a long-term extension given the group's financial resources.

In terms of Beltran, you can't deny his numbers as he’s striking .304/.344/.546, even though some of the is the results of the comfortable proportions at Yankee Stadium, in which he is slugging .961 (versus .817 traveling). The Rangers will slot him at DH, therefore they did not trust Gallo to do the job along the stretch on a regular basis. Beltran has actually a brief history of doing inside postseason, of course, with a career slugging level above .600. That does not imply he'll do within 12 months's postseason in the event that Rangers get there.

The Rangers needed seriously to make a large splash since they've outperformed their skill degree so far, with a 62-44 record even though they will have outscored their particular opponents by just nine works. The bullpen now includes Sam Dyson, Jeffress, Jake Diekman, Keone Kela (looking great again after a DL stint), Matt Bush and Tony Barnette. With Dyson, Jeffress and Bush, you have got three relievers pressing 100 miles per hour. Hello. With a six-game lead following the Astros - who failed to make any improvements - the Rangers will have to position as favorites to win the unit.

I liked the return the Brewers could have gotten from the Indians better than that one. Brinson is a high-upside toolsy outfielder who has struggled in Double-A, hitting .237 with a .280 OBP. He is just 22, but he is had the most unsatisfactory periods in minors among top customers going into the period, although Keith Law nevertheless ranked him No. 21 on his midseason top 50 number. Ortiz is an electrical righty who may have reached Double-A and rated 46th on Law's record. It really is a good return, but Brinson is a boom-or-bust kind and pitchers are often high-risk, so it is possible the Brewers get little from this price if things do not break correct.

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