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Under Show document content pick Show bookmarks and then click OK.
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  • In the event that you performedn’t pick such a thing once you added the bookmark (definition you just put your cursor in a place), the bookmark appears as an I-beam:

An error message seems as opposed to text

Word shows “Error! Bookmark Not Defined.” or “Error! Guide origin maybe not discovered.” once you update a field that features a broken link to a bookmark. You are able to restore the initial text by pressing Ctrl+Z just after obtaining the mistake message. You are able to push Ctrl+Shift+F9 to transform the text in the field to regular text.

To research the damaged website link, take to the immediate following:

  • Ensure that the bookmark still exists folks occasionally accidentally delete bookmarks if they delete various other text. To check on with this, ensure you can see the bookmarks within document.
  • Ensure area names are spelled precisely Many items which make use of bookmarks — as an example, cross-references and indexes — are inserted as fields. If industry name'sn't spelled correctly, you might get a mistake message. To learn more about area codes, read Field codes in keyword.

An item that relates to a bookmark isn’t updated correctly

Term inserts cross-references as areas. If a cross-reference doesn't mirror changes you make in bookmark it describes, update the field. Right-click the industry rule, after which click upgrade Field regarding shortcut selection.

Bookmark is lacking from an AutoText entry

Once you generate an AutoText entry that contains a bookmark, always pick most of the text contained in the bookmark, like the orifice and closing bookmark brackets.

If you store text which contains a bookmark as an AutoText entry, Word stores the bookmark because of the entry. If you place the AutoText entry more than once in a document, Word eliminates the bookmark from the earlier entry and attaches it towards newest entry.

Unexpected outcomes once you edit a bookmark

It is possible to cut, backup, and paste items that are marked with a bookmark. You could add text to, and delete text from, marked products. Listed here are changes you could make to bookmarks and also the outcomes you may expect.

Copy bookmarks

  • If you copy all or part of a bookmarked block of text or a graphic to another area in the same document the bookmark remains with that initial product in addition to copy just isn't marked.
  • In the event that you copy a complete marked item to some other document both papers contain identical items with identical bookmarks.

Reduce and erase bookmarks

  • If you slashed a complete marked item after which paste it in the same document them together with bookmark relocate to the latest area.
  • If you delete element of a marked item the bookmark stays because of the remaining text.

Enhance bookmarks

  • If you add text between any two characters enclosed in a bookmark the excess text is roofed inside bookmark.
  • If you click right after the orifice bracket of a bookmark after which include text or images into the item the inclusion is included within the bookmark.
  • If you click directly following the ending bracket of a bookmark and enhance the item the inclusion is not within the bookmark.

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