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Bookmarks.Integrating aided by the latest versions of Bing Chrome, Firefox, web browser, and Opera browsers, Linkman provides you with the ability to effectively arrange bookmarks and favorites! Linkman is a standalone, internet browser separate bookmark organizer, search device, and dead link checker. Add backlinks from browsers, and Linkman will recover keywords and descriptions immediately! Not only will Linkman organize your bookmarks, it can also help you identify and remove duplicate and lifeless links from your bookmark collection. You can get the selection to prepare your bookmarks by key words just, files just, or folders and keywords.

Linkman stores bookmarks in XML databases, and is well known for providing 15 years of bookmark information safety. It really is constantly enhanced and obtains a number of revisions annually.

I recommend Linkman proper who spends lots of time on the internet and values a reliable, efficient device to arrange bookmarks. Lastly, the designer is very receptive.

Dr. Phil Hendrix
Institute for Cellphone Markets Analysis

Linkman is definitely the greatest answer we've attempted for keeping your bookmarks safe or over up to now.

Collecting bookmarks is straightforward and enjoyable, but using them is not. If you do not have Linkman.

Eve Golden M.D.
Learn of information access

Bookmark Organizer

Linkman is a bookmark organizer that provides consistent usage of bookmarks and preferences across browsers plus several computers (professional variation). In the event that you add a bookmark in ie, you have access to the new bookmark in addition in Firefox, Bing Chrome, Opera and vice versa (lite and pro). You receive additionally the ability to transfer your existing bookmarks into Linkman from all browsers. Linkman is the just bookmarks organizer this is certainly capable maintain the proper IE Favorites order and import Firefox bookmarks including both tags and keywords! Linkman aids as much as 10 various import platforms and you can even parse any apply for bookmarks.

Firefox Bookmarks Organizer

Linkman combines using Mozilla Firefox browser in order to change the Firefox bookmarks. The LinkmanFox Firefox Bookmarks Organizer is installed automagically if Linkman detects Firefox on your computer (may be turned off during installation). After installation you can easily spot buttons with Linkman features (like Add Bookmark or Search Bookmarks) regarding Firefox toolbar. The Linkman functionality may be in addition accessed in Firefox right click menu, with mini-icons regarding the Addons Toolbar. Find out more...

Internet Explorer Favorites Organizer

Linkman offers a recommended Internet Explorer Organizer toolbar for a fast usage of your bookmarks and preferences. You are able to both transfer your IE Favorites into Linkman (advised) or simply just load them. The world-wide-web Explorer Favorites Organizer toolbar will enable you to rapidly add brand-new bookmarks and search your Linkman database. Both toolbar buttons could be assigned to individual Linkman features. You may drag & drop backlinks from webpages toward toolbar to include them to Linkman. When you look at the search field you need to use wildcards and operators to mix search phrases. AND (default), otherwise, AND NOT as well as the '-' indication can be utilized. Example: a search for system tweak -adsl will see all backlinks containing the search term system together with search term tweak, but NOT containing the search term . Read more...

Google Chrome Bookmarks Organizer

a Google Chrome Bookmarks Organizer Addon is set up by default if Linkman detects Chrome using the pc (is deselected). You will get a option on Chrome toolbar that may enable you to change the very minimal Chrome Bookmarks with Linkman bookmark management functionality. Simply clicking the option will show a menu with Linkman functions, as an example Search in Linkman. Within the search screen you can use wildcards and operators to mix search phrases. AND (DEFAULT), otherwise, RATHER THAN additionally the '-' indication can be used. Sample: a search for bookmarks sync -favorites will discover all links containing the keyword bookmarks while the keyword sync, and at the samt time NOT containing the search term favorites. Find out more...

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