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diy ribbon bookmarks, company materials, ribbonSchool is appropriate nearby, sorry young ones – congrats dad and mom, you have made it! What I keep in mind MANY about school (I’m seriously aging myself right here) is publications! In virtually every course we'd some form of book to read and a lot of likely had to compose an essay about it. The biggest problem about reading is trying to get where you left off. What now ?? I’m infamous for folding the part of pages (which my mother dislikes – she doesn’t fancy when books have “ruined”). Or even you see a random, half bitten sheet of paper by the dog Max. Or possibly you’re just extremely cool and believe you'll recall the page number like myself (page 62…or ended up being it 78). Therefore right here’s some DIY art to help keep your home and make reading a tad bit more fun – DIY ribbon bookmarks! They're really easy and you'll have the majority of the products at home. DIY Ribbon Bookmarks just need ribbon (JAM ribbon naturally) and elastic tresses bands, which you yourself can get a hold of everywhere – unless you’re just like me with tresses groups that behave like Houdini and disappear. Let’s get started!

diy ribbon bookmarks, ribbon, scissors, bookmarksmaking Colorful Do-it-yourself Ribbon Bookmarks


  • Flexible tresses bands
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


Measure the ribbon for the book you are making the bookmark for (18 inches for an average dimensions book) and cut. The longer the better – keep in mind you can cut it down seriously to dimensions.

This is when you can utilize your Sharpies – I adore these exact things! Before you go to another location action you can embellish your ribbon simply to jazz it up quite. Right here I just used my handy dandy Sharpies making small dots diagonally. It’s quite simple considering that the marker develops on the ribbon, but you can do any design you’d like. You have got innovative license here!

DIY ribbon bookmarks, sharpies, ribbon, bookmarksStep 2:

This next move I utilized a hot glue gun however if you have a little more time make use of a sewing needle and thread. So now you fold your ribbon across elastic hair musical organization and seal with the hot glue gun. It doesn’t matter exactly how much ribbon you fold more than, whatever makes you comfortable. Phew! You got one side done! Fun fact: in the event that you don’t have any of these you can just utilize tape!

Step Three:

String another side of the ribbon through reverse end associated with hair musical organization and employ your hot glue gun to secure. Ensure that you glue for a passing fancy part you did 1st one, we surely made that blunder. Whoops!

There you have got it! Your own personal DIY ribbon bookmark! Even although you don’t need bookmarks for college, they generate great presents proper that wants to review. These ribbon bookmarks are fast and inexpensive which will make, you might develop a bunch within mins.

You could pair them with any book and dress it for a great birthday celebration present for just about any bookworm you realize. Like to be in the kitchen area? You might use them to help keep your invest your meal guide. You utilize them, spend playtime with your ribbon bookmarks!

diy ribbon bookmarks, hot glue, ribbon diy ribbon bookmarks, diy crafts, ribbon, bookmarks diy ribbon bookmarks, bookmarks, diy crafts

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