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There's a great deal to view within Facebook Information Feed, from status changes and videos to provided news stories. However you probably didn't recognize there's a handy small device on each post which allows you to bookmark content so you can return and read it later on.

A year ago, Twitter quietly rolled down a feature permitting users to flag such things as backlinks, movies, video clips, occasions and locations. Saved content will be housed in an exclusive folder just you can view. This little-known feature is a helpful option to manage your Feed and work out sure you're not missing things you actually worry about.

Image: Mashable, Liz Pierson

Instance and point: if you are secretly browsing Facebook during a meeting plus don't have time to look at a video clip many people are speaking about, it can save you it to your folder and look it out later on.

Facebook SaveHere is how to use the function: touch the chevron arrow in top right part of a post, video clip or event (note: as of now, you cannot conserve photos) and choose protect. To subsequently realize that content, visit your Saved folder through the left column in your News Feed (if you should be accessing your website in the web) and through the More tab when on a mobile device. Which is it; it will take two actions.

For an artistic walk-through, check out the GIF below.

Image: Mashable

The feature is, of course, section of Facebook's ongoing work to keep users tethered into website, but it is an excellent one. The capacity to make your own curated bookmarks record according to what folks inside network are revealing is a good means for Facebook to carry on its goal to become a news hub besides someplace where individuals share updates and one day, shop.

Facebook verified to Mashable it is incorporating the capability to save more content quickly, such as for example articles from friends, groups and Pages.

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