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Transfer Internet Explorer Favorites to new computer

For many Internet Explorer users, the Favorites number is a very important, private product. You may possibly have spent years acquiring the menu of preferences you use, and the idea of losing them whenever going to a different computer is discouraging. But take heart, because Internet Explorer lets you export your Favorites, to move them towards new computer system. When transported, you need to transfer all of them into Internet Explorer on your own brand-new computer system.

Step One

Plug a USB flash drive into an available USB port on your pc. If an "Autorun" screen pops up, just close it.

Step 2

Open Internet Explorer. Simply click "File" within the top menu, and "Import and Export..." If you cannot understand menu bar, press the "Alt" secret.


Click "Export to a file" into the initial "Import/Export Settings" screen that appears, and click "Next."

Step Four

Check "Favorites" and then click "Next."

Action 5

Click "preferences" near the top of your Favorites list to go these. As an alternative, you can click to select any sub-folder to only go that certain. Click "Upcoming."

Step 6

Click "Browse..., " click your USB flash drive letter from the web page regarding remaining, and then click "save your self."

Action 7

Click "Export" to export your Favorites to your flash drive. Simply click "complete" to exit.

Action 8

Plug your USB flash drive into the brand new computer.

Action 9

Open up Internet Explorer, click "File" and "Import and Export..."

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