Therefore, adding an entry to

Bookmarks file

enter image description right herei've a PDF file created with WinEdt 9 (see picture 1). The tex supply file is produced with course guide, obviously generator bookmarks.

documentclass[12pt]{book} usepackage{hyperref} usepackage{bookmark} begin{document} chapter{Chapter [One} section{Section two} subsection{Section one} subsection{Section two} section{Section three} subsection{Section one} subsection{Section two} section{Section four} subsection{Section one} subsection{Section two} subsection{Section three} end{document}

When put together making use of PDFLaTeX usually have to deploy each one of the bookmarks labeled (+). Which is annoying whenever there are numerous subgroups (so to speak) of bookmarks with (+).

Particularly: i wish to determine if there is any signal to add to the preamble of my tex file so your ensuing PDF production automagically as in image 2, with bookmarks (+) totally implemented (-).

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