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The work for the Council of Europe for democracy is strongly predicated on knowledge: education in schools, and education as a lifelong learning means of practising democracy, such in non-formal understanding activities. Person rights training and training for democratic citizenship form an integral part of everything we need to secure to produce democracy lasting.

Hate speech the most worrying forms of racism and discrimination prevailing across Europe and amplified by the online and social media. Hate message on the net is the noticeable tip of iceberg of attitude and ethnocentrism. Teenagers are directly worried as representatives and sufferers of online abuse of personal rights; Europe needs teenagers to care and look after individual liberties, living insurance coverage for democracy.

Bookmarks is published to guide the No Hate Speech motion childhood campaign associated with Council of European countries for man liberties online. Bookmarks is beneficial for teachers planning to deal with hate address on the web from a human liberties viewpoint, both outside and inside the formal training system. The handbook is made for using learners elderly 13 to 18 but the activities may be adjusted with other age brackets.

Table of items

Section 1 – About the handbook
1.1. Introduction to the manual
1.2. The issue of hate message online
Part 2 – No hate speech activity
2.1. Concerning the campaign
2.2. So what can young adults do?
Section 3 – Using the handbook
3.1. The need for the manual
3.2. Structure of this handbook
3.3. Running the activities
3.4. Ten Do’s and Don’ts
3.5. Themes and questions
Section 4 – Tasks
Synoptic table of activities
21 tasks for fighting hate speech on the web through individual rights education
Section 5 – Background information
5.1. Hate message online
5.2. Human rights
5.3. Freedom of appearance
5.4. Racism and discrimination
5.5. Personal life and security
5.6. Democracy and involvement
5.7. Campaigning strategies
5.8. Internet literacy
5.9. Cyberbullying
5.10. The Council of European countries and hate address online
Section 6 – Appendices
6.1. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (summary)
6.2. The European meeting on Human Rights and its particular protocols (summary)

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