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Katie is a Search expert and composer of this assistance page.You can transform these options and view or erase your saved task whenever you want.

Activity which can be saved

Your task manages let you determine whether or not to truly save these kind of activity:

  • saves your quest activity on applications and browsers to make lookups faster and provide you with personalized experiences in Search, Maps, along with other Google items. You may choose to keep your Chrome browsing record and activity from websites and applications that use Google services.
  • creates a personal chart of where you go with your signed-in devices to provide enhanced map searches, travel paths, plus.
  • shops your associates, calendars, applications, along with other product data to improve your knowledge across Bing.
  • shops your vocals and audio inputs (including, your "okay Google" instructions) to assist recognize your voice and improve message recognition.
  • shops your YouTube online searches to create your personal future online searches quicker and boost your tips.
  • makes it easier for you yourself to get a hold of your recently watched videos on YouTube and improves your guidelines.

Change what activity gets saved

You can change these settings to regulate almost all of the task which is saved back.

To show your Activity controls on or off:

  1. From here you can:
    • Save task: beside the activity you need to save, start the switch. Within the confirmation package that seems, choose start.
    • End preserving task: Next to the task you no longer want to save, turn fully off the switch. In verification box that seems, choose Pause.

See or delete activity

To view and delete all activity conserved through Activity settings:

  1. Underneath the task you intend to view or erase, choose handle task. You are going to visit a web page where you are able to see and erase this activity.
  2. For assistance choosing or deleting activity about this page: On the top right, pick More Assistance. (if you do not see this program, on right, select Help Get help.)

When activity is conserved

Activity is saved when you are signed in to your Google Account on any device. Whenever an Activity control is switched on, Google may keep information considering this setting.

Note: if you utilize multiple account at precisely the same time, task might get saved within default account.

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