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Google sync Settings

You'll change some Bing Voice settings, including which services you intend to make use of on your own phone and exactly how you want to be informed of brand new emails.

To change all Bing Voice configurations except which voicemail service to use, open your Bing Voice Inbox and touch Menu > configurations.

To alter which voicemail solution to use, use the options application on your phone.

General Settings

Making telephone calls
Opens a dialog where you can configure whether or not to utilize Bing Voice to make some or all phone calls, as explained in Configuring Bing Voice.

This phone’s quantity
Opens a dialog in which you change or add your phone’s phone number to work alongside Bing Voice.

Voicemail playback
Opens a dialog where you can configure your voicemail to relax and play via your phone’s earpiece or presenter by default.

Indication out
Touch to avoid using any Bing Voice solutions on your own phone and also to resume using your cellular carrier’s voicemail service along with your phone’s number as the caller ID. The very next time you begin Bing Voice, the wizard prompts you to definitely configure it again. See Configuring Bing Voice.

Appropriate information
Touch to open up a display where you could learn about the Google Voice terms of service, privacy, program plan, alongside important appropriate information.

My Google Voice number
Shows the Bing Voice number you have configured to use for making and obtaining phone calls with this phone.

Develop quantity
The version of Bing Voice installed on the phone.

Sync and notifications options

Synchronize inbox
Check always for notifications from Bing Voice the moment new communications get to your Inbox. You really need to have background information checked within the Accounts & Sync options to make use of this particular feature (see Accounts & sync configurations).

Background information
Touch to open up the records & Sync options.

Notifications via text
Examine for a notice in Status bar once you get a message in your Bing Voice Inbox. (Don’t check both this particular aspect and Synchronize Inbox function, or else you will obtain two notifications for every brand-new message.)

Inbox notifications
Examine for notifications for brand new emails.

Choose ringtone
Pick a ringtone to appear when you obtain a notification from Google Voice.

The telephone vibrates when you receive a notification from Google Voice.

The Trackball flashes when you obtain a notification from Google Voice.

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