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Google sync data

If, when using G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook® (GSSMO), you notice any issues with your data in Outlook, including missing email messages or calendar activities, try repairing your neighborhood profile by re-synchronizing aided by the cloud. It is possible to re-sync your mail, private connections, calendars, or global details, as explained below.

Re-synchronizing with Google overwrites local information with information saved on Google's machines, instead of just carrying out a two-way sync. This means that, in rare cases, you may drop present modifications manufactured in Outlook, particularly a contact you simply edited, if the change has not had the opportunity to sync with the cloud.

  1. If you delete and re-sync your calandars, GSSMO might start syncing various calendars than before. In such a circumstance, simply re-select which calendars you wish to sync. For details, see view and handle your calendars. In the event that you erase and re-sync your private connections, bare Contact folders are taken from Outlook, so that you'll need to recreate all of them, as well.Click the GSSMO symbol within Windows system tray and select View sync status.
  2. When you look at the Synchronization reputation dialog, mouse click Re-sync alongside Bing Contacts, Google Calendar, or whatever information you need to re-sync.
  3. When you look at the dialog that opens, choose among the after options:

    Overwrite: Overwrites neighborhood profile with data from the cloud, updating simply the data type you selected (post, contacts, or calendars). This option preserves Outlook-specific information such as for instance follow-up flags, color categories, and circulation lists. Try this option initially, to see if it fixes your trouble.

    Delete and resync: Deletes data from your own Outlook profile, then re-syncs utilizing the cloud to repopulate your profile with data from Google. Applies only for the information kind you selected (global address guide, mail, associates, or calendars). Pick this method only after trying the Overwrite choice.

    Delete and resync eliminates Outlook-specific information from your own neighborhood profile. Including all data that's not stored by Bing, such as for example follow-up flags, shade categories, schedule accessories, circulation listings (if you re-sync your contacts), and much more. However, it does therefore limited to the data kind you're syncing. You can consequently fix your calendars without losing post groups, or fix your post without dropping circulation lists from your connections. For information on so what doesn't get synced with Bing and would therefore be lost when working with this method, see this particular feature compatibility chart.

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