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tmpMuch was discussed Mozilla attempting to force individuals make use of their brand new sync solution. If, anything like me, you operate yours sync host for Firefox, you’ve mostly already been ignoring this because there’s however no genuine method of operating your own sync server for brand-new solution (while you just keep upgrading, Firefox keeps working together with your old host).

However, recently I had cause to want to connect my old sync server to a different installing firefox without just copying over all the config data (one of the config settings smashed google docs and I couldn’t figure out what type it was, thus I figured I’d just strike the complete config away and restore from sync). Long-ago Mozilla disabled the capacity to connect more recent Firefoxes to a classic sync server, which means this is an exposé of how exactly to do so. Used to do really search the internet for this one, but no-one else appears to have figured it out (or if perhaps they have, they’re unknown into search-engines).

There's two config files you will need to upgrade get new Firefox to connect to sync (note, used to do this with Firefox 37; I’ve perhaps not tested it with a different variation, but I’m confident it will probably work). The first is you'll want to put your sync secret and weave individual login into logins.json. Because the code and individual are encypted within file, the easiest way is to utilize a password supervisor extension, like Saved Password Editor add-on. Then you need two new password entries of type “Annotated” beneath the host chrome://weave. For each, your login name will be your weave username. For very first, you’re planning add your weave code underneath the annotation “Mozilla Services Password”. For second, add the Firefox key with all the current dashes eliminated due to the fact code in annotation “Mozilla Services Encryption Passphrase”.tmp If you’ve got all this work right, code supervisor will show this (my username is jejb):

After that you’re planning to close firefox and manually edit the prefs.js file. To sync entirely from scrape, this only needs three entries, so firstly strip out every inclination that begins ‘services.sync.’ and include three brand-new lines

user_pref("services.sync.account", ); user_pref("services.sync.serverURL", ); user_pref("services.sync.username", );

For most people, the account and weave user name are identical. Now begin Firefox plus it should only sync alone. To test you got this right, go directly to the Sync tab of tastes and you ought to see something such as this

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