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Your Favourites on BBC Food

Goodbye Binder, Hello Favourites

Previously the BBC’s sites have experienced different ways the audience to share, collect and annotate BBC content. To make certain audiences have a consistent experience we’ve started to standardise the way in which we explain these activities.

It's likely you have observed, for-instance, your switch to permit people to generally share pages on Facebook, Twitter and Bing is constant on News, Sport, BBC iPlayer, Food and a lot of other BBC web sites. You'll find out about this in my own colleague Mark Channon’s article.

Broadcast iPlayer currently enable users to save their favourite programs making use of the Add to Favourites key whenever a list of attacks or show is exhibited. As of today, BBC Food will share this function.

The current Recipe Binder will become Your Favourites. Saving a dish towards Favourites can be as straightforward as clicking the green increase Favourites button that seems beside the dish subject.

Getting rid of a product from your favourites is simply as easy. Follow the url to Your Favourites to see a listing of your saved meals. Go through the gray straight club to eliminate a favourite from your list when in the Your Favourites area.

For anyone with meals conserved on their current Binder, we shall move your stored recipes up to your Favourites record. Those recipes will be stored against your BBC iD, meaning that it is possible to still take your Favourites to you on any device or display screen that you are logged in to.

The Add to Favourites button

What took place to filters, records and search?

The old Binder service included a filter and search purpose which permitted people with several saved recipes to quickly take out the main one they wished to access. Sadly this feature is not yet an element of the new Favourites location.

This is an arduous choice based on the proven fact that simply 0.07per cent of visitors to the meals site utilized this search facility when you look at the Binder. The seldom-used feature, Notes, can be being closed even as we move on to the newest system. The small number of individuals who utilized this solution have now been suggested to copy their particular records before the update to BBC Favourites in order to avoid disappointment.

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