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AcctWiz1Setting up a account with Thunderbird is straightforward. All you need to do is provide your user name and password for the email supplier as well as your current email address. Thunderbird determines connection details (such as for example ports, server brands, safety protocols, etc.) by finding out about your email supplier in a database which contains connection information for the major websites Providers (ISPs). After determining the provider of your account (as specified after the "@" symbolization within email address) Thunderbird can usually offer the account details.

Your computer must certanly be connected to the internet for Thunderbird to produce your bank account instantly.

The first time you available Thunderbird after installing, you may be encouraged generate a profile. (during this period close any house windows that propose to setup a message solution and carry-on). Next you may be expected to deliver facts about your email account in dialog box shown below. The dialog package is also presented when you add a brand new e-mail account ( or via the ). Another way to add a new account will be click an existing account name (the displayed current email address). Under the "reports" proceeding there are 2 options: "see settings for this account" and "develop an innovative new account". Click "Create an innovative new account" to show the dialog box shown below.

Once you press maintain, Thunderbird will appear up the e-mail supplier and try to determine the host settings.

In preceding case, the supplier data has been used to fill out the account details and configure the solutions supplied:

You have the solution to select either IMAP or POP as your incoming post protocol. IMAP and POP are the standard protocols for retrieving email messages. IMAP, the greater contemporary protocol, allows you to store communications regarding mail server and on your neighborhood machine as well. The POP protocol just permits emails become stored in your area. E-mail providers may possibly provide access by either the IMAP or POP protocol, or may help both. (to obtain an improved knowledge of the technical details for both protocols see additionally Glossary of Terms including forms of Accounts and IMAP Synchronization)

To complete account setup:

  • Create Account: push this switch to produce a unique account.
  • Cancel: Abort the automated setup of the account.
  • Manual Setup...: Manually configure the account. Thunderbird can establish a fresh account utilizing the details shown then open the dialog to enable you to make additional changes. (See Manual Account Configuration for help.)

After creating the account, Thunderbird will display the brand new account:

In case your account can not be automatically configured by Thunderbird, you have to manually configure it. This is accomplished via the Account Settings dialog, accessed through the menu. Your e-mail account provider can provide information on link information. (The information might be offered by their site.) Start to see the article "guide Account Configuration" for full guidelines. Understand FAQ Changing IMAP to POP if you wish to change the incoming host from IMAP to POP.

The Thunderbird group desires to gather host information for as many Internet Service Provider and webmail providers as you are able to. You are able to help! In case your e-mail host information is not discovered when you create your account, you have to configure your account manually. However, kindly ask your e-mail provider to distribute their particular ISP link information. You will find instructions on ISP Database web page.

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