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Safari bookmarks organizer

Edit your bookmarks from inside the Safari web browser software.Mobile Safari the iPhone provides basic bookmark management functionality that allows that sort, organize, rename and delete bookmarks in just several taps associated with the display. Although not as sturdy as desktop computer version, these tools offer a measure of business that means it is more straightforward to quickly access your bookmarks when you need all of them.

Tap the "Safari" symbol in your iPhone home screen.

Touch the "Bookmarks" switch in Safari toolbar and then touch the "Edit" switch.

Rename bookmarks or update the target of a bookmark by tapping the bookmark. This opens up an edit screen for every individual bookmark from where you'll update all properties of this bookmark.

Organize bookmarks into files by tapping the "brand new Folder" key. It is possible to go bookmarks into the new files by tapping the bookmark while in edit mode and choosing your selected folder from the folder number.

Erase bookmarks by tapping the delete icon and then tapping "Delete" to confirm that you would like to get rid of the bookmark from Safari.

Arrange your bookmarks in a different sort of purchase by dragging and dropping the bookmark grips up or down.

Add brand-new bookmarks at a web page you intend to bookmark in Safari, tapping the "Share" option into the Safari toolbar and tapping "Include Bookmark."


  • Rather than separately manipulating bookmarks entirely on your iPhone, it is possible to sync your bookmarks in the middle of your iPhone plus computer by clicking the check field beside "Sync Bookmarks" when you look at the "Info" tab of iTunes while syncing or burning your iPhone.
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