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it is possible to synchronize Firefox for Android towards Computer.You can synchronize Firefox for Android towards PC.

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Firefox for Android os can synchronize with Firefox on your PC, providing you with similar bookmarks, record, options, passwords and available track of both your personal computer and smartphone. To use the synchronization feature, you need to enable Firefox Sync on your personal computer. Firefox Sync encrypts and firmly synchronizes your Firefox information to Mozilla’s computers, where the Firefox for Android os application can access them. The synchronization takes place completely on the internet and doesn’t require any cables.

Click the “Firefox” selection button in Firefox on your pc. Choose “Options” then click the “Sync” tab into the Options window.

Click on the “Create a unique Account” solution to produce a Firefox Sync account. Provide your email and a password the account and finish the wizard to produce your account.

Install the Firefox app in your Android os product. To take action, open the Firefox web page regarding the Bing Enjoy web site (website link in Resources), sign in together with your Google account, and then click the “Install” option to put in it. You may want to start the “Play shop” application on your own Android, find Firefox and set it up.

Start the Firefox app on the Android os unit and tap the “Set Up Sync” choice in the bottom associated with the start web page. You can swipe through the right side of this screen to the left, tap the gear-shaped icon, and touch the “Connect” switch under Sync. Three four-digit codes will show up on your own display screen.

Click on the “Firefox” menu key in Firefox on your desktop. Select “Options” and then click “Sync” near the top of the Options window.

Click on the “Pair a tool” link on the Sync pane and enter the 3 four-digit rules from your Android os. Simply Click “Next.” The Firefox app in your Android os will instantly sync with Firefox on your personal computer.


  • When you have numerous computer systems, you are able to enable Firefox Sync for each computer system to synchronize your browser information between all your devices.
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