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Screenshot 2015-07-17 at 8.00.56 have always beenA little while ago, Bing ran one of its infamous experiments: It chose to redesign the classic web browser bookmark. So that it took Chrome’s present bookmark system, and supposedly caused it to be better … except it didn’t (in typical Google style).

The idea wasn’t always so bad; actually, it appears great theoretically: the new bookmark system in Chrome had been built to make all of your disorganized bookmarks more helpful. It incorporated search, and users may even include pictures and records to specific bookmarks, and share these with friends and family. Google also attempted to arrange all of them by topic instantly, all with a purpose of making your daily life a bit simpler.

Because it works out, most people didn’t discover more recent system helpful at all. It looked clunky, it took way too many clicks to get your bookmarks in the folder that you wanted them in, and it also was complicated while looking for a bookmark. Really, I'd to turn to search, because i possibly could never get the folder I needed.

Therefore just as quietly as Bing introduced this new system, it took it away – and alas we possess the old bookmark system back. But if (for some reason) you really liked the brand new system, and you simply need to have it straight back, Google’s got the back.

Bookmark management can be acquired as a Chrome expansion, which you are able to get the following. I’m not sure why you’d need this, but here its. At the least Bing performedn’t go away entirely, for those of you just who only love it.

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