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Synchronize Firefox

Update:Firefox records is now survive AMO.

To provide a more consistent experience across all Mozilla products, (AMO) will soon begin using Firefox Accounts.

Through the very first stage regarding the migration, that will begin in some months, you can easily continue logging in with your current credentials and employ the website as you normally would. Once you’re signed in, you're going to be asked to log in with a Firefox Account to accomplish the migration. If you don’t have a Firefox Account, you can easily create one in this process.

Thoughts is broken completed with the migration, everything involving your AMO account, such as for instance accessories you’ve authored or reviews you’ve written, will still be connected to your bank account.

A few weeks after that, whenever enough people have migrated to Firefox Accounts, old AMO logins may be disabled. This means whenever you sign in along with your old AMO qualifications, you won’t have the ability to utilize the site and soon you proceed with the prompt to sign in with or develop a Firefox Account.

What goes on to my accessories when I convert to a new Firefox Account?

All the add-ons are accessible to the brand new Firefox Account.

How come i would like a Firefox Account?

Firefox Accounts may be the identification system that is used to synchronize Firefox across multiple products. Numerous Firefox services and products will quickly start migrating over, simplifying your sign-in procedure and making it easier to manage all your valuable records.

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