Backup mozilla thunderbird

Backup Mozilla

Mozilla ThunderbirdThere are a couple of techniques to backup your contacts from your own Mozilla Thunderbird address publications. Either export the address books from within Thunderbird or copy the target book data by hand from their default storage places.

Exporting Address Books

To export a target guide from Mozilla Thunderbird, launch Thunderbird after that push Ctrl+Shift+B to start within the Address Book window.

export-address-bookAlternatively, you can easily click the Address Book button positioned centrally on Thunderbird’s menu bar.

Within the Address Book window, pick on a single regarding the address books placed in the left pane by simply clicking it.

Most often you can find at the very least two address publications detailed: Personal Address Book and Collected Addresses.

Next, head to Tools > Export and protect the target guide as a file.

You'll select from three different formats in the protect as kind field:

  • (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Information Interchange Format),
  • (Comma-Separated Values), and
  • tab delimited plain-text TXT file.

Importing Address Books

To import an address book into Mozilla Thunderbird, start the Address Book screen utilizing Ctrl+Shift+B.

Visit Tools > Import.

The import process consists of three tips.

Very first, you tell Thunderbird which you only want to transfer just address publications.

import-address-book-step-2Click upcoming, then choose the type of file you want to import.

Click Next. And, eventually, choose the target book file you intend to add to your target books.

Mouse click Open as well as your address book is brought in.

Copying Address Book Data Manually

To copy your target publications manually, just locate the data in which the target books tend to be stored by Mozilla Thunderbird.

When you have Thunderbird put in — in other words. it really is a non-portable version, your individual target book is based at:


As well as your collected details are found at:


In case you make use of the portable version of Mozilla Thunderbird, your and record.mab address book files can be found at:


Essential Records

Instead of UserName use your real username’s folder.
8.default is a shorthand for a folder title with eight characters and concludes with .default.

import-address-book-step-1 import-address-book-step-3

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