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Device sync

DevicesToday we're beginning a phased roll-out of a new account management function to Firefox Accounts people. This new function is designed to offer people a definite summary of all solutions attached to the account, and offer our users with full control of their synced devices.

Using the new “Devices” panel inside Firefox reports settings, it will be possible to manage your entire devices that use Firefox Sync. The products section reveals all linked Firefox consumers on Desktop, iOS and Android os, making it a fantastic addition to those who use Firefox Sync on numerous devices. Make use of the “Disconnect” option to get rid of the products you don’t need sync.

This particular aspect will undoubtedly be distributed around all users soon and we have much more in the pipeline to create account management much easier for everyone. Here’s just what 1st version of the devices look at looks like:

To remain arranged you can easily rename your device inside Sync Preferences using the “Device Name” panel:

By way of everyone just who worked on this feature: Phil Booth, Jon Buckley, Vijay Budhram, Alex Davis, Ryan Feeley, Vlad Filippov, Mark Hammond, Ryan Kelly, Sean McArthur, John Morrison, Edouard Oger, Shane Tomlinson. Special by way of designers regarding mobile teams that contributed to product enrollment: Nick Alexander, Michael Comella, Stephan Leroux and Brian Nicholson.

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