And personal bookmarks

Personal bookmarks

Apple Menu: System PreferencesClick the Apple image within the selection bar and select program Preferences to open up the System Preferences screen.

Inside the System Preferences window, click on the Carbonite symbol.

You'll see the Carbonite Preference pane displayed. In the Carbonite Preference pane, click the drop-down package for the Backup Is: area and choose in heal Mode.

System Preferences WindowClick check out place Carbonite in Recover Mode.

Click the improve loss to look at your copied data.

Inside the Carbonite Preference pane, navigate towards bookmarkbackups folder. It should be positioned at:

  • Macintosh HD/Users/[User Name]/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/xx1234xx.default/bookmarkbackups

Within folder, you need to see files with names making use of this structure: bookmarks-yyyy-mm-dd.json. The format describes a night out together. Like, bookmarks-2013-12-30.json could be the backup file of your bookmarks from December 30, 2013.

Select the bookmarks-yyyy-mm-dd.json file and select Desktop folder from the Restore files to listing.

Note: [User Name] will be your Mac login title and xx1234xx.default could be the profile name, that is immediately created by Mozilla Firefox.

Click improve chosen Item(s), along with your bookmarks file are restored to a folder on your own desktop called Carbonite Restored Files. After they have done restoring, you'll .

Carbonite Preference Pane Carbonite Preference Pane: Recover Mode Pop-Up

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