How to get Faces to sync

Sync between computers

Syncing Atom settings between several devices is useful for the reason that you’re able to keep all your plans, options, etc whatever the device you’re on.

If you keep several device, then it’s usually nice to truly have the exact same development environment configured amongst the two of these.

Here’s a technique for syncing Atom’s settings between though it does believe you use Dropbox. If you don't, any solution you use for revealing files can be used, your real measures will change.

Syncing Atom Options

Syncing Atom Settings

The gist of just what we’re performing to complete is:

  1. Move Atom’s options into a directory in Dropbox.
  2. Make a symbolic link between Atom’s directory site on the device such that it references the configurations in Dropbox.

It’s just two instructions, but i believe it’s worth understand what we’ll be performing before in fact carrying it out. Remember that we keep an apps directory when you look at the cause of my Dropbox directory site, so my instructions are employing that course.

Through the Terminal, very first enter the after demand:

$ mv ~/.atom ~/Dropbox/Apps/Atom

After that, enter this command:

$ ln -s ~/Dropbox/Apps/Atom ~/.atom

Which’s it. As soon as done, you’ve moved your Atom options into Dropbox and then created the symbolic website link from where Atom wants to get its configurations to in which they're.

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