In-Car-System SYNC 3

System sync

Your associates and calendars participate in you. Therefore does your privacy. Flock makes it possible to have both.

Screenshot of Flock

Your Devices. Important Computer Data. Your Code. That's It.

Flock is mobile oriented, and combines seamlessly using the Android account system. After registering, Flock reveals an Android account that transparently handles most of the encrypted sync reasoning. Just continue using your preferred apps, and Flock keeps it-all safe and current. No brand new tips to remember. Even more safety, exact same work flow.

Your data may be closed before previously leaving your unit, and can only be unlocked by the code. We never see your code, therefore we cannot be compelled handy over the keys to your data.

Flock Sync, or move your own.

We built Flock Sync to power all of this, and it is available for only $5 a-year. Before you agree, try it for 30 days - we don't need any payment information ahead of the end of the trial. Bitcoin can also be acknowledged!

For theoretically inclined, Flock additionally supports the capacity to host your own sync host free of charge.

What Exactly Is After That?

For calendars and associates, Flock only works on Android os. But we're maybe not preventing truth be told there. Encrypted back-up of photos, movies, and desktop computer integration are typical beingshown to people there.

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