Way to bookmark web pages

Bookmark Web pages

internet bookmarks assist you to return to web pages you've visited before. Discover ways to create and erase bookmarks inside browser.

Things You'll Need

  • Modems
  • Web Access
  • Computer Systems
  • Browsers

Bookmarking (or favoriting) a Web web page adds it to a listing inside Web browser for quick access. Think about bookmarks like rate dial for sites - you don't need to keep in mind an extended web site or sift through your record to revisit a website you liked, simply click its bookmark.


In ie, Chrome and Firefox alike, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-D creates a bookmark.

include a well liked dialogie

To incorporate the present website to your favorites in Internet Explorer 10 or 11, click on the star icon to see your range of favorites in a sidebar then click enhance Favorites.

Simply click add the dialog field to generate the favourite. Optionally, give the specialty an innovative new title or utilize the Create in menu to place the favorite into a folder for sorting.

To delete a well liked, reopen the sidebar utilizing the celebrity icon, right-click a well liked and select Delete.


Bookmarking a web page in Chrome just takes one action: Click the celebrity symbol at the end of the address club. In Chrome 42 or above, clicking the star in addition pops up a tiny panel with text containers to edit the bookmark or include it to a folder. If you don't need these choices, simply click elsewhere on the internet browser window to shut the panel.

Deleting a well likedTo take away the bookmark for current website, click the star icon again and click the rubbish can icon. To delete or edit various other bookmarks, simply click View All Bookmarked Items or press Ctrl-Shift-O to open up the bookmark manager. Within the supervisor, open the menu on a bookmark and select erase to remove it.


Click the star symbol in Firefox 29 or above to bookmark the current website. To modify the bookmark's name, folder or tags, click the celebrity an extra time. To delete the bookmark, click on the celebrity then click Remove Bookmark.

To erase various other bookmarks, click on the symbol next to the star and select Show All Bookmarks, or press Ctrl-Shift-B. Right-click a bookmark and select erase - or pick a bookmark and hit the Del secret - to remove it.

Chrome bookmarking Delete bookmarks Edit bookmark Delete a bookmark

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