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Find Chrome bookmarks folder

Chromebook for knowledge apps
  • Sample manifest.json declare a bookmark application:

"manifest_version": 2,
"name": "G Suite Certification app",
"description": "backlink to G Suite certificates website",
"version": "1.1",
"icons": {
"128": "128.png"
"app": {
"urls": [ "launch": {
"web_url": " " "permissions": [

Step 2. test thoroughly your app

  1. Open Chrome and visit Tools > Extensions.
  2. Simply click Developer mode > Load unpacked extensions...
  3. Browse to and choose the folder in which your manifest.json file is and logo design.
  4. Start a unique tab in Chrome to see if the application loads and functions correctly. Or even, tweak it and test drive it until it is working correctly inside internet browser.

Action 3. bring your software

  1. If your app is ready, visit Tools > Extensions in Chrome and then click Pack expansion...
  2. Find the folder on your own desktop computer which contains the manifest.json file. Entering a private key is optional.
  3. Click Pack Extension. You are going to obtain a verification screen, telling you maintain the .pem file safe and never to erase it.
  4. Place the .crx file that's saved in your desktop in identical folder where you possess manifest.json file. (crx is a kind of .zip file)
  5. Uninstall the unpacked form of the Chrome application so that it wont conflict with all the packed app.
  6. Drag and drop the new .crx file into Chrome browser to install the loaded software.

Step 4. Find app ID

  1. Click on the problem piece extension icon inside top-right of browser to start the expansion. This starts a new web page that lists the Chrome applications you've got put in and their application ID. Copy and paste the ID for your app.
  2. Create an auto-update.xml file just like the one below and publish it to your hosting location. This means that your URL software may be updated if you generate a unique version.
  3. Insert the application ID and area of where you wish keep the loaded application, eg in App system, Google websites, or your server.
  4. Place the .crx file and .xml file inside app folder. Upload this folder towards web hosting place.
Sample xml auto-update file:

Save this file as auto-update.xml. You can make use of a course like TextMate or Adobe Dreamweaver to really make the .xml file.

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