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I shared on Twitter last week that I do casual browsing in Bing Chrome but do most of my development work in Firefox. I can't provide a good cause for doing this but Firefox has seemed like a development "security blanket" since I have was at college (over a decade ago!). The only time i take advantage of Chrome's development resources is when i've a Chrome-specific bug. Only recently I heard bout Mozilla's Valence task; Valence allows developers to make use of Firefox Developer Tools in projects aside from Firefox.

Write Simple, Elegant and Maintainable Media questions with SassValence can be obtained as a separate energy but in addition gets set up when you open Firefox's WebIDE, popular to debug Firefox OS applications. If you do both Firefox and Chrome in your device, you'll kick off the procedure with the after shell command:

$ /Applications/Google\\ Chrome -remote-debugging-port=9222 -no-first-run -no-default-browser-check -user-data-dir=$(mktemp -d -t 'chrome-remote_data_dir')

That demand opens up Chrome with slot 9222 available for debugging connection. Using the link open, you can easily start Firefox's WebIDE, choose "Chrome Desktop", and you have use of debug Chrome with Firefox's DevTools as a result:

Awesome on both Mozilla and Bing's component to permit this type of functionality. The web browser conflicts tend to be (mainly) over and now we're today centered on making web development simpler on ... brace yourselves ... web-developers. I am thankful that this variety of functionality is present - now I have the very best of both worlds!

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