Add to my Favourites

Add to my Favourites

Enjoy easy, convenient accessibility the associates, stereo and spots you utilize most. You decide on which favourites to include and just how each list is organised.

Favourite Associates

Create a listing of to 50 of favourite contacts for quick, easy access.

Include your favourite contact:

  1. Choose Favourites from Communication selection or by pushing the favourites button.
  2. Select Add/Edit Correspondence Preferred.
  3. Choose Add New Contact to produce a number of contacts, select contact becoming included with Favourites record.

Delete a favourite contact:

  1. Choose Delete.
  2. Find the contact you want eliminated.

Replace the purchase of favourite associates detailed:

  1. Choose Move.
  2. Choose the contact you want to move.
  3. Go the contact by dragging it or utilizing the media commander.
  4. After the contact is within destination, select okay.

Replace the title of a favourite contact:

  1. Select Rename.
  2. Select the contact you intend to rename; keyboard is shown.
  3. Input new contact title.
  4. Choose Checkmark to keep new-name.

Favourite Radio Stations

Create a summary of to 50 of your favourite r / c for fast, quick access.

Include a favourite section:

  1. Choose Favourites through the Entertainment selection or by pushing the favourites key.
  2. Choose Add/Edit Radio Favourite.
  3. Select Add energetic place XYZ. The section will be at the end of this Favourites record.

Erase your favourite section:

  1. Find the radio place you need removed.

Change the purchase of favourite radio stations indexed:

  1. Choose the radio station you need to move.
  2. Move the place by dragging it or utilizing the media leader.
  3. Once the place is in location, select OK.

Favourite Locations

Create a listing of frequently employed spots or tourist destinations (POI) for quick, comfortable access.

Add current location or destination as a favourite:

  1. Select Favourites from Navigation menu or by pushing the favourites key.
  2. Select Add/Edit Nav Preferred.
  3. Choose Add present place to incorporate the current area towards Favourites record.
  4. Choose Add existing Destination to include current destination to your Favourites listing.
  5. Select include From Contact to add a contact address to Favourites record; press name of contact to be added.

Delete your favourite destination:

  1. Choose the location you want eliminated.

Change the order of favourite spots listed:

  1. Select the location you need to go.
  2. Go the destination by dragging it or with the media commander.
  3. After the destination is within destination, select okay.

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