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How to add to bookmarks bar?

The "Publish it!" bookmarklet is a superb solution to include your favorite content - from everywhere on the internet - towards Paper.li report. After the bookmarklet is put into your bookmarks bar, you can add pictures, movies or articles. But first, you need to install the bookmarklet in the bookmarks club of your internet browser.

Install the "Publish it!" bookmarklet

1. Be sure your bookmarks bar* is showing in your browser. If not, go to your browser menu under see and click the choice to exhibit bookmarks or preferences bar.

2. From your own Paper options Dashboard > Content loss > by hand add a write-up.

3. Simply click and drag the option to your bookmarks bar.

Boom! Done! The next time you are on an internet web page which has content of interest (video, photos or articles), go through the +Paper.li bookmarklet you included with your bookmarks club so we'll show you a summary of what we find on that page.

* A bookmarks bar could be the bar shown in navigation club which holds your most regularly made use of bookmarks.

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