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How to add a bookmark on iPad?

dragging an icon from the Dock

Utilising the Dock

The Dock is the bar of icons that sits at the bottom or side of the display. It provides easy access to many for the applications that include your Mac (like Mail, Safari, and communications). You can include your own personal applications, documents and files to the Dock, too.

To use something when you look at the Dock, mouse click its icon. If you wish to hear some music, click on the iTunes symbol (the symbol with songs notes) to open up iTunes. To check your mail, click on the Mail icon (it looks like a stamp).

When a credit card applicatoin is available, the Dock shows an illuminated dash under the application's icon. In order to make any at this time operating application the energetic one, simply click its icon in the Dock.

Arranging the Dock

The Dock keeps apps on its remaining part. Folders, papers, and reduced windows are maintained the proper region of the Dock. In the event that you look closely, you can observe a vertical separator line that distinguishes both of these edges.

Should you want to rearrange where a symbol seems from the Dock, only drag it to another area inside Dock. The Trash plus the Finder tend to be unique products, so that they are often present at each and every end for the Dock.

Including and removing Dock products

If you want to include a credit card applicatoin towards Dock, click the Launchpad icon into the Dock. After that, drag an app symbol from the Launchpad on Dock. The icons in the Dock move aside to help make area the new item. Should you want to include a file or folder to the Dock, only pull its icon from any Finder window (or the desktop) and drop it in the Dock.

To remove a product from the Dock, drag its icon an inches or even more off the Dock and wait a couple seconds. After that launch the icon also it disappears in a poof of smoke.

dock stack

Eliminating an item from Dock does not completely eliminate it from your own computer system. If you need that item in the Dock, find the application, file, or folder within the Finder or Launchpad, and drag it back in the Dock.

Learn more

For more information on the Dock, mouse click a subject below. You may want to research the phrase "Dock" from the Assistance menu towards the top of your screen.

Minimizing Windows

In the event that you minimize a window (click on the round, yellow option inside upper-left place of every window), the window is pulled into the Dock. It's held here before you click its symbol to bring up the screen once more.


You could pick just how to show folders within the Dock. It is possible to often see them as a folder symbol, or as a stack.

The Trash

The Dock includes the rubbish (its symbol appears like a waste container). Drag any papers you no longer want to the Trash to eliminate them.

When you move items to the rubbish, you have not completely erased all of them. You can click the Trash icon inside Dock to see just what it contains. When you're ready to permanently erase files or folders that you've dragged into Trash, simply click and hold the Trash icon in the Dock and select Empty Trash.

In the event that you drag a disk or any other mounted volume to your Trash, it changes to an eject symbol to allow you understand that this action ejects or eliminates them rather than erasing or deleting it.

Unless you begin to see the Dock

You'll be able to set the Dock so that it is not noticeable and soon you want it. Unless you look at dock, try moving your pointer towards base or part of your display to see if it appears. To make Dock concealing on or off, select Dock > Turn Hiding On or Turn Hiding Off from the Apple () selection.

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