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How to find your bookmarks?

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Method 1

Making use of the Pandora App

  1. Install the Pandora software on your own mobile device. The Pandora app can be obtained 100% free from Bing Enjoy shop as well as the Apple App Store.
  2. Sign in to the Pandora application along with your Pandora account.Image titled Access Bookmarks on Pandora action 2 you have to be finalized in along with your free account to access your bookmarks.
  3. Create some bookmarks. You can easily produce bookmarks from any musician or track:
    • Tap the album art the song which currently playing.
    • Tap the "..." or "⋮" key.
    • Select "Bookmark" to produce a bookmark.
  4. Open your Profile display.Image titled Access Bookmarks on Pandora Step 3 if you are currently playing a song, tap the "
    • On the iPad, just touch the silhouette button within the lower-right corner for the display.
  5. Tap the "Bookmarks" key. This will show all your saved bookmarks.
    • It is possible to tap "loves" to start to see the tracks that you have offered a thumbs up for. Pandora views loves and Bookmarks to-be equivalent, although they are classified in a different way.
  6. Tap a bookmark to start it. This will show additional information, and enable you to definitely rapidly see the artist's page.
  7. Press and hold a bookmark to erase it. After a minute, the "Delete" key will show up. Touch this option to eliminate the bookmark.

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