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Microsoft windows 8.1 Change Computer SettingsMicrosoft is later into game with this specific feature, however, if you regularly switch between a Microsoft Windows 8.1 Computer and a Surface tablet, you’ll be pleased this new feature is there.

Syncing tabs and user configurations in IE11 Preview on Microsoft windows 8.1 Preview enable(s) your users to seamlessly see and connect to your website across their devices. IE11 Preview’s new syncing functions on Windows 8.1 Preview are designed with device-switching at heart. When a person makes a computer device, all open tabs … with the exception of InPrivate Browsing tabs … are synced making use of Microsoft SkyDrive computers … so that they are plentiful once the user opens up ie on another device.”

SkyDriveSimple tips to Sync IE 11 Tabs in Microsoft windows 8.1. — For tab syncing to function, you may need two or more devices which are running Microsoft windows 8.1. Additionally you must be finalized into every one of those devices with the same Microsoft account.

All following screenshot image credits: Brian Burgess

You then need certainly to allow the feature. To take action, first faucet options regarding the Charms club and choose Change PC options.

On the left menu associated with the PC configurations screen, select SkyDrive.

Glance at the right-side associated with screen the thing is now. Under Sync, the thing is start Sync configurations with this PC. Get it done.

Scroll down. Under Other settings, switch on: My preferences, open tabs, home pages, history and configurations.

Try this for each system you own that’s working Microsoft windows 8.1. Understand that you need to be signed in with the same Microsoft account fully for this to operate.

How to Use Tab Syncing in IE 11 in Windows 8.1

Utilising the tab syncing feature in IE 11 in Windows 8.1 is straightforward.

Check out my display below to see a good example of exactly how I’ve examined tabs to sync in IE 11 between my Windows 8.1 laptop and my Microsoft Surface RT laptop computer.

Other Settings Once you’ve set-up the system as I described above,  what you need to do is launch IE 11. Appropriate click anywhere regarding the web page to see all open monitoring of one's body — and a complete directory of various other Windows 8.1 devices you’ve enabled.

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